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Two tier bike racks are our flagship cycle parking products, and single decker bike racks are our common bike racks fixed on ground!

two tier bicycle rack

1. Innovative design by adopting Japanese advanced technologies
2.Easy to use, the top rack can be lowered or lifted via a button or ball, and return to original position automatically after retrieving the bike. Only a little force is required to slide the bottom rack on the rail horizontally. Please see the video below.
3.Simple/easy assembling/disassembly, reducing project costs

Traditional single decker bicycle rack

Our traditional bike racks are bike parking & security system fixed on the ground or mounted on the floor. It is an easy to use bike rack, that can be configured to fit almost any space. The common shapes of our traditional bike racks include L-shape, hoop, semi circular, moonlight box, etc.

custom colored bike rack

Fully customized bike rack design solution.  We can provide the regular designs now within a quicker lead time and at a lower price point. These racks are available on the ground only and come in any of our standard powder coat colors.

Why so many clients Choose us!

Perfect Design Solution+Japanese Advanced Technologies+Reliable After-Sales Services!

We’re the first comprehensive bike rack manufacturer in China, which is specialized in design, production, research&development and marketing of two or double tier bike racks and motor car racks.
Our company owns several models of two tier bike racks and single decker bike racks, and has built a deepened cooperative relationship with a master bike parking system supplier in Japan. Based on periodical mutual visits and technical exchanges, both parties participate in unified research and development of bicycle racks to realize sharing of technologies, and develop and innovate new-generation products independently as per the market demands.

  • Our bike racks ensure solidness, durability and longevity. All the components are light enough, so it can be easily assembled or dismantled by only one worker. It has a long service life!
  • The products can be installed at a 10, 30, 45 degree angle according to the site size. The minimum width of bike path is only 1200mm, which fits the narrow aisle very well.
  • Our products have excellent quality and reasonable prices, and we have a price beat guarantee for products.
  • We can make a requested draft site plan (in DWG or PDF format), clearly marked with all relevant dimensions, obstacles and access ways. We can help you in planning bike storage by providing PDF layout plans of our products, and tell you the actual number of bike parking spaces.
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